About Us


FACTORY4 is the company that represents the new way of communicating today, with a 360-degree attention to its clients’ image and communication and with synergy and integrated marketing as its pillars.

The company has the know-how and the necessary structures for planning and developing promotion of actors, products and events, especially in the cinema, TV, fashion, music, art and culture sector.

We believe that managing communication for a client is something more than just “spread the word”. We know how to merge business and marketing worlds thanks to the power of the entertainment industry. Our aim is not just let people know about an event, a character or a product.

The result of this way of thinking is to transform our clients and their products in “MUSTS”: “Must-See, Must-Do and Must-Have”.

It is well known that nowadays show business and communication are extremely important, going hand in hand and supporting each other.

F4’s aim is to let people know about new things, that will find a place in the market.

Through product placement (celebrities, movies, publishing products, videoclip and TV), FA promotes everything that belongs to show business (cinema, music, theatre, TV), fashion, art and culture.



We offer our experience and knowledge about trend changes and consumer’s preferences. F4 concentrated its teams of experts within groups, any one of which has a specific objective regarding the communication world, because nowadays everything is a mean of communication. Through these different specialized sectors, we work with creativity, trying to find the correct balance between talent and ability in order to satisfy all clients’ needs.


  • Celebrities press office
  • Press Office
  • Fashion & Styling
  • Endorsement
  • Corporate Public Relations
  • Product placement
  • Special Events
  • Pr & Press